Sustainable development goals

Our responsibility is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


5 gender equality

5. Gender equality 

We want to promote gender equality and increase diversity in our workplace. Promoting gender equality is part of our Equality Plan and our Code of Conduct. We always pay equal salaries for the same work, regardless of gender. Fairness and equality are important principles that we follow and we take into account our gender distribution goals in our recruitment.



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8. Decent work and economic growth

We provide a safe working environment for our personnel and pay attention to the rights of our employees. We are committed to respect human rights and provide a fair and ethical working environment for our employees. In addition, we carry out regular risk assessments in each of our production facilities and departments and invest in employee orientation and training. Furthermore, all of business partners have to share the same principles and values with us.


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 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

The transport industry is at a major turning point driven by new technologies, social and economic responsibilities. We are involved in the transformation and together with OEMs Reka Rubber creates solutions for a more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. By providing spare parts to customers, Reka Rubber also extends the life cycle of the end products. Moreover, waim to reduce energy consumption in relation to the tonnes of products produced and to diminish the environmental impact of our production plants and processes


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12. Responsible consumption and production

In rubber manufacturing, Reka Rubber uses according to the standards the most environmentally friendly and recyclable material solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. Additionally, we are also looking for material solutions that are more sustainable and carbon dioxide-free. To minimize environmental impact, we continuously strive to increase our recycling rate in our operations and invest in production technology to reduce waste.


13 Climate action

13. Climate action

For us, climate actions means reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency in our own operations. Reka Rubber has calculated the carbon footprint of its own operations, which allows it to optimize its activities to be less harmful to the environment. This will also to influence the factors related to air quality of its own operations. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality (Scope 1-3) by 2040. We also want to increase and improve the climate awareness of our employees and encourage them to make more climate-friendly choices.