Silent period17.1.-16.2.2024
Financial Statement Release for 202316.2.2024
Financial Statements and Annual Report for 202326.3.2024
Silent period24.3.- 23.4.2024
Interim report for Q1/202423.4.2024
Annual General Meeting23.4.2024
Silent period7.7 - 6.8.2024
Half year report H1/20246.8.2024
Silent period23.9.- 22.10.2024
Interim report for Q1-Q3/202422.10.2024

Reka Industrial applies the principle of a silent period in its IR communications. During a silent period, Reka Industrial does not comment on market prospects or factors affecting business and performance, nor does the company engage in discussion on events or trends related to the reporting period or the current fiscal period. Reka Industrial will not pay visits to, or receive them from, investors or representatives of media in which these matters are discussed.

Silent periods begin at the end of each reporting period, but in no case later than 30 calendar days prior to the disclosure of annual accounts or interim reports, and last until the release of the annual accounts or interim report in question.