Sustainability is a central part of our strategy

Sustainability and building a responsible future are a key part our strategy, operations and everyday work. Our company's values, strategy and operating principles are the basis for our responsibility in our operations. 

We are committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and we have set our own targets to support these goals.

For our customers, we are a long-term and responsible partner that uses as environmentally friendly and recyclable materials as possible.

All of our production plants use CO2-free electricity for production needs. 

Efforts are made to reduce the carbon footprint in the production facilities, production processes and product development. Calculators have been developed to understand the carbon footprint of Reka Rubber's own operations, with which Reka Rubber is able to identify the most relevant sources of emissions and optimize its operations to reduce environmental impact. We constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact and increase energy efficiency through, for example. LED lighting in our production plants. 

We also take care of our employees working conditions and employee rights, as well as respecting human rights. We want to a safe and efficient work environment that takes into account the social, physical and phycological well being of our employees. We also want to develop the skills of our employees and encourage and engage them to achieve excellence. We also expect similar values and measures of our partners.